Medikoi Probiotic Growth

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Medikoi Probiotic Growth.
Rapid Growth.

Reduces Waste.

Highly Digestible.

The high growth formula uses the finest quality ingredients to promote vigorous food uptake and nutrient absorption.
Combined with this the perfect protein to lipid ratio ensures maximum growth whilst maintaining the perfect body shape of champion Koi.
The optimum balance of key ingredients ensures the lipids are used for energy so the 50% protein content can be used for healthy body tissue gain.
Medikoi Probiotic Growth is designed for use in the summer growing season.
Medikoi Probiotic Growth provides both the beneficial probiotic bacteria for Koi but it also contains a food for the beneficial bacteria too in the form of a prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide).
This combination ensures a vigorous population of gut bacteria and digestive enzymes which over time results in a vastly improved ability to absorb nutrients, optimises body mass gain and massively reduces waste.
Allow up to 6 weeks for noticeable results, continue feeding to enjoy the benefits of the diet. What makes this food even more impressive is that NT Labs have added their Colour Definition Intensifier.
The inclusion of Spirulina, Astaxanthin and Capsanthin promotes vivid and intense colouration to the areas of red, yellows, black and blues without affecting the areas of white or Sumi, ensuring a clear definition between where the white and coloured areas on the head and body meet. The colour definition is more greatly intensified as the white (Sumi) is made richer and deeper and appears "cleaner".

Composition: Fish Meal, Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Fish solubles – condensed, Maize Starch, Wheat Germ, Spirulina, Krill Meal, Fish oil, Garlic Powder, Yeast.

Analysis: Protein 50%, Fat 9%, Fibre 0.9%, Ash 11% Additives: Vitamins: A 28.000 IU/kg, D3 3,000 IU, kg, E 250 mg/kg, C (stable) 500 mg/kg. EEC Permitted colourants and antioxidants..

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