Kusuri Eco Pure

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Kusuri Eco-Pure
Inhibits blanket weed, flocculates particle matter, increases water clarity, degrades sludge
With Eco-Pure It is possible to reduce growth down and to maintain the level at about 10mm. Blanket weed can grow very fast it draws its nutrients form the water in form of Nitrates & phosphates and is accelerated by sunlight and oxygen. The bad news for us is that fish actually excrete phosphate and our filters produce Nitrates at end of the nitrifying cycle. In an enclosed pond the levels of both naturally increase over time and before you know it, you can be harvesting blanket weed weekly! Changing water can be fruitless as most public water supplies contain Nitrates & Phosphates.
Use cup supplied in container, add 1or 2 heaped cups (50g approx) per 1000 gallons of pond water, mix measured quantity into a bucket of pond water Stir, then apply around edge of pond area, every week.

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4 x 3kg 

1.25kg - R.R.P. £24.85. - OUR PRICE. £18.99.
3kg - R.R.P. £52.46. - OUR PRICE. £39.99.
4 x 3kg - R.R.P. £209.94. - OUR PRICE. £155.00

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